The Voluntary Prekindergarten program (VPK) is a constitutional amendment passed by Florida’s voters in November 2002, requiring voluntary prekindergarten to be available to all four year old children in the state of Florida. The VPK program is voluntary and free to children and families with the goal to ensure children enter kindergarten fully ready to learn and succeed.  For more information,

Children who are four years old by September 1st can enroll in one of our two Prekindergarten classes led by Ms. Sara Coyne, Ms. Geeta Harripersad, Ms. Kori Gaydon and assisted by Ms. Stephanie Melan, and Ms. Sue Comeau. Our VPK classes are taught alphabet and number recognition, beginning sounds, pre-reading recognition, and fine motor skills such as cutting objects and printing his/her name. The VPK classes also enjoy music, chapel moments, arts and crafts.



VPK Daily Schedule

7:30am – 8:45 am: Arrival, Free Play, Surprise Boxes & Open Centers
8:45am: Clean Up
9:00am: Student of the Day, Weather, Bible Verse Pledges
9:15am: Bathroom Break & Preparation for Snack
9:30am: Snack
9:45am: Chapel
10:00am: Kindermusic
10:25am: Sharing, Felt Boxes, Special Story for the Day
11:00am: Playground
11:25am: Teacher Directed Activity and Centers
11:50am: Story Time and Closing Prayer
12:00pm: Bathroom Break and Preparation for Lunch
12:15pm: Lunch/Dismissal for VPK Students
12:30pm: Playground
1:00pm: Dismissal for Lunch Bunch Students
1:10pm: Bathroom Break & Preparation for Naptime
1:30pm: Story Time & Nap Time
3:00pm: Wake Up & Prepare for Snack
3:15pm: Snack
3:30pm: Bible Story
4:00pm: Chapel
4:20pm: Open Centers and/or Outside Play
6:00pm: Close Up and Go Home

***More detailed lesson plans are available to view in your child’s classroom.

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